Lost and forgotten in the Indian jungle for hundreds of years, the temple city of Khajuraho has become world-famous for its masterpieces of erotic art.
Often described as ‘The Kama Sutra in Stone’, these temples present far more than an ordinary exhibition of human sexuality.
They are a vivid expression of Tantra, an ancient non-dualistic philosophy that embraces all life as divine.
The Love Play of the Gods explores the profound vision of the Tantric sages, a vision undeniably relevant today.

“The Love Play of the Gods bridges the past with the present, the known with the unknown, the spirit with the body, and the divine with the worldly. It is a sensuous journey of self-discovery.”.                                                                                                          
Laura Amazzone, M.A., Author of Goddess Durga and Sacred Female Power

“This wonderful documentary presents the most concise, gentle, and sensitive definition of Tantra I have seen.”                                                                                                          Lokita Carter, Sky Dancing Tantra Teacher, ‘Institute for Ecstatic Living’

“Informative and thought-provoking. This inspiring film depicts the sublime intricacy of Tantra without watering it down.”                                                                           Christopher Campell. Director, ‘The Awakening Heart School of Sacred Living’

Now available on DVD (74 min)

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